Putrda Ekadashi

Putrda Ekadashi occurs in the light fortnight (Shukla or Gaura paksha) every lunar month. There are established rules and regulations to be followed on this day with the help of some spiritual leader. It is for Lord Vishnu who is supposed to be the son giver. Married couples who does not have any sons if keeps this fast then they surely get the desired results. It is the result of previous birth sins or mistakes that had resulted you devoid of having son.

Celebrated in:  Gujarat, Orissa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and North India are the places where we can still find this vrat in number. They fairly know the importance of it. In some south states where it is observed is known by the name Vaikuntha Ekadashi.

Pooja Vidhi:  The fast for it spread to 48 minutes. It starts from sunset on the day of prior to ekadshi till sunrise on the following day.

Significance:  It makes you more spiritual and religious by freeing you from all of your mistakes or misdeeds. It makes a protective shield and fulfils all the longings. Good health and wealth is what a devotee gets in return. It is for the attainment of putra which normally observed almost by all the people. The long lasting name and fame for many years to come is another result of keeping fast on this day. It is also the atonement period for all. It not only bounded to get a baby boy but can also be observed for confronting your child misdeeds.    

It will make you more spiritual and religious in nature. It can be observe by people of any caste and religion. It is the easiest way to get liberation after death which normally sage gets after sacrifice of hundred of years.

Legend:  King Mahijit was a successful and victorious king but he felt bad because he had no son. He performed many charities, good deeds and observed many homas, yagnas and yagas (sacrifices) but he has not find any result.
One day he went to Sage Lomasa, who was born from the hair of Lord Brahma, and explained his problem. Sage Lomasa went into meditation and told that the King Mahijit committed a sin in his previous birth which made him childless in this birth. King Mahijit was a vysya (merchant) in his previous birth.
When a cow and her newly born calf were about to drink water at a lake, he went there and drove them away for drinking water himself. Though, by his other good deeds he born as a King in his next birth, he became childless.
When Mahijit requested the Sage Lomasa for a remedy to pacify his mistake, he told about the Putrada Ekadashi or Pavitra Ekadasi vrata. King Mahijit observed Putrada Ekadashi vrata with great reverence and got a handsome and healthy son who ruled the country successfully after him.

Do’s and Don’t:

Don’t:  Keep yourself away from non vegetarian food and food made up of rice. It is believed to be strictly banned as by eating some flesh of any kind you are not supposed to get any child, getting a boy is far away thought. In some far flung areas horse sacrifice is the ritual to be followed on this day but that should be stop as if until and unless you respect all the creatures of the God which he has created till the time you will not able to get the desired result. It is inhumane and demeaning to even thought of conducting such an activity.   

Abstain from cereals, breads, wheat, flour, beans, rice,dhals, green beans, roti, coffee, etc) meat. Do not cook with: – Jeera, mustard seeds, hing, soomph, methi seeds,shop turmeric (you can use whole turmeric).

Do’s:  You should always consult time to open your fast from some spiritual sage. You can cook with the following: – Whole turmeric, clean salt,cinnamon sticks, clean oil, butter, ghee, ginger, chilli, curry leaves, maas (yogurt), cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, clean sugar,rooibos tea, spinach, dhania, thyme, peppers, ground pepper, mint,green bananas, fresh cream, sour cream, bay leaves. Potatoes,tomatoes, peanuts, cabbage, pumpkin, butternut, gem squash, carrots,lettuce, all kinds of fruits, paneer.

Note: If someone is not in condition to observe the fats then it is also good to hear the story or mantras or any ritual activity that is performed on this day. Merely doing this activity will also make you the partner of others conduction this fast. Eating grains on this day will reverse the effect and will bring bad omens for you.


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