Why do Hindus hold the moon In special reverence?

Moon is the next important heavenly body after the sun. Moon always attracts the attentions for its divine rays. It is put in high esteem for its cool rays.

The Chandogya Upanishad says, praying Chandrama (the moon) returns you a good life with good health, free of problems and sorrows. All sins and bad deeds washed away with the divine rays of the moon.

Chandrama is believed to control the indecisive and impatient minds. So it is considered as the God of minds. Chandrama is said to be residing on our foreheads between two eye brows. So, tilaks are applied there to please Chandrama. Hatha Yoga requires support from Chandrama to be completed. Tantra also needs Chandrama’s consent. A half moon is found on the head of Lord Shiva. The half moon is a symbol of hope. So it is also offered prayers. Poets and Lovers always draw huge inspiration from the moon. Married woman offer prayers for the long lives of their husbands in Karwa chouth.

In Brahmvaivartpuran, there is a story about the reduction and growth of the moon. Chandrama was married to the daughters of Daksh Prajapati. His daughters returned disappointed to him as Chandrama was unable to take care of them. An infuriated Prajapati cursed Chandrama with a unbearable disease. Chandrama requested Shiva to find out a solution of this curse. Shiva hid him in his forehead. Again Prajapati requested Shiva to send Chandrama back or else, he could curse Shiva too. Being worried Shiva consulted Vishnu. He blessed Chandrama with two forms, one was given to Daksh and another stayed with Shiva. In this way Prajapati Dakh’s curse did not go in vain and Chandrama also did not lose the pride. Because of the curse Chandrama grows gradually for fifteen days and vanishes for one day.

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