Why is Pranayam an ideal way to begin the Day?

The word pranayam could be split into two different words, Pran and Ayama. The word Pran suggests the vital breath or vital air. Whereas, ayama in Hindi means regulation or control. It can be concluded, pranayam is the art to regulate or control one’s breathing. It is the most important aspect of Asthangyoga.

Maharishi Patanjah describes,


Pranayam is the art of inhaling and exhaling breaths step by step that helps to hold the oxygenated air in the body for some time.

In the Manusmriti, pranayam is described as:


Pranayam does cleanses the heart and soul by removing the impurities and thoughts prevailing in the body. It can be compared to removal of impurities in gold and silver by putting them into fire. It is helpful in controlling the senses and body effectively.

In the Yogdarshan, 2/52, it is said:


Pranayam enhances knowledge by repelling ignorance and provides wisdom too.

 The Yogchudamani says,  pranayam is able to burn the sins. It happens for the deep breathing and holding the breath. Chanting Aum may enhance the will power and patience. It initiates spirituality in soul. Pranayam can be practiced in different ways. Taking and holding deep breath is one form of Pranayam. Whereas, one can also hold one nostril and take deep breath and leave through the other nostril. It also develops physical and emotional health of a person. Strengthening inner strength, promoting mental balance and peace, and spiritual power are the main objectives of Pranayam.  It also helps to retain memory power irrespective of growing age. Digestive power improves as it oxygen intake enhances with Pranayam. Regulation in breathing helps the lung efficiency increase. It is considered as the only effective treatment to control obesity.

 Science confirms the better flow of blood happens to every part of the body when one practices Pranayam. It also helps in perfect pumping of blood into the heart. Overall, it can be summed up, Pranayam helps in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. For this purpose ancient sages used to perform Pranayam every day.

 Think it over…

Health is the greatest acquisition, contentment the greatest wealth, confidence the best of relationships and nirvana the highest happiness.

-Gautam Buddha




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