Why should one rise early in the Morning?

Starting from midnight till morning 4.00 hours, it is believed to be the demons and evil time. From 5.00 hours onward the divine powers come to existence. This period is known as Brahm Mahurat. The literal translation of these two words is Brahm for Brahma and Mahurat denotes an auspicious moment to begin or do something. However, the religious books say, the word Brahm refers to Brahmi or Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge. For this reason, since ancient times young students were taught the Vedas early in the morning. Prayers are offered in the temples during this time.

In the Rig-Veda, 1/125/1, it is said:


Ayurveda also suggests the Brahm Mahurat between 4.00 AM to 5.30 AM. During this time, cool morning air mixed with the moon rays, penetrate into our bodies to bless us with good health. Science says, this air has ample of oxygen in it that helps our respiratory system work efficiently. This air is also free of polluting particles that solves our breathing problems. The period of Brahm Mahurat is particularly good for mental activities like offering prayers, meditation, yoga, studying, thinking and planning. In the serene morning atmosphere it is easier to concentrate on tasks. Most creative work in almost all fields is completed at this time of the day.

In the Rig – Veda, 1/125/1, it is said:


Waking up early endows you with good health and makes you wealthy. You find yourself creative enough during this time.

In the Sam-Veda, Purvarchic, 11/1/5, it is said:


 A person must get up before sunrise. After visiting the toilet and bathing, one must offer prayers to the  God. The cool breeze that flows before sunrise promotes good health and perfection.

In the Mahabharata, Shantiparv, it is said:

One should not sleep after sunrise.

In the Atharva-Veda, 7/14/2, it is said:


Those who do not wake up at sunrise lose their glow and splendor.

In the Vadhool Smriti, 4-5, it is said:


One should give up sleep and rise from bed in the Brahm Mahurat to find contentment. After personal cleansing one must chant auspicious mantras and offer prayers. One must sing devotional songs. This promotes personal happiness and welfare.

  Think it over…

“Only sacred thoughts can lead to sacred speech. The tongue has been given to m to speak the truth, to be sweet to others, to praise the Divine and enjoy the bliss derived from such sacred speech.”

-Gautam Buddha


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