What is the purpose of a Choti?

In ancient practice, Hindus used to keep a braid of long hair on top of the head. This is called as a choti or shikha. In the choti, the end of the lengthened hair is tied with a knot. Modern day Hindus do not prefer it, still it is practiced by some old orthodox Hindus. It is believed that the choti reminds to stick to the ideals and principles throughout the life. It generates sacred and noble thoughts in our minds.

Brain and the pituitary gland is in our head. It not only controls our body but also influences our emotions and feelings. As the roots of hair are connected to the brain, it is believed that the choti controls our brains to lead a perfect life by the noble thoughts initiated by the choti.

 In the Katyayansmriti, 1/4, it is said:

               Without a choti yagya, charity, penance, fast and other auspicious acts are redundant.

Maharishi Vedavyas has said:

 Without a choti even virtuous actions become demonical.

In the Manusmriti it is said:


When bathing, giving charity, meditating, offering oblations to fire and praying to the gods the end of the choti must be tied in a knot.

It is believed that when a knot is tied at the time of prayers the energy generated within the mind is not lost. With no loss of energy there is better growth of mental faculties, wisdom and good thoughts. This keeps desires and passion within control, boosts self-confidence and increases physical strength and stamina. It also protects one from harmful influences, prevents laziness, improves eyesight and generally helps in attaining success.     

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