FAQs:Effects of Lunar Eclipse

Astrological Implications of Lunar Eclipse

Retrograde Mars and Moon in UttrashadhaNakshatra while Moon moves to Shravan Nakshatra and will be joining Ketu during the Eclipse. Sun in conjunction with rahu in PushyaNakshatra while Retrograde Mercury will be closer to them. Venus, Jupiter & Saturn do not influence this eclipse.

Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are the zodiac signs which may be affected with this Lunar Eclipse. They may feel restlessness and uneasiness on the emotional front. The mind may wander in too many things and may feel unnecessarily frustrated and irritated.

As per the Shastras whenever there are two eclipses coming within the same month; they tend to bring bigger changes across the globe. Like, some heads of the ruling parties or states may change, natural calamities may affect some regions or areas, some serious illness or news related to demise or attacks on celebrities/politicians or eminent personalities. The time period is usually forty days before the first eclipse and lasts for approximately 90 days.

Q1. Will a pregnant woman watching lunar eclipse suffer a miscarriage?

Unfortunately, this strong ancient belief still survives, but nothing can be further from the truth. The Moon has always been associated with femininity, probably because it works in tandem with the menstrual cycle. Lunar eclipse helps to rejuvenate the feminine energy and does not in any way affect pregnant women. Pregnant women can safely go about their chores outside during the lunar eclipse, but make sure they don’t slip in the dark.

Q2. Will partying outdoors during a lunar eclipse bring ill health and bad luck?

It was believed that anything done outdoors during a lunar eclipse may affect one’s health adversely and also bring bad luck. In today’s world, this really doesn’t stand to reason. Since the Moon has always ruled over emotions and feelings, it will continue doing so in a positive manner, lunar eclipse or no lunar eclipse. And what can be more positive than letting your hair down in an outdoor party, under the blood Moon!

Q3. Is it okay to have a tot or two during a lunar eclipse?

If one can party outdoors during a lunar eclipse, what effect would imbibing a tot or two have on a person! So, there is no reason for anyone not to drink during a lunar eclipse, since it doesn’t have any religious significance.

Q4. Is it okay to eat during the lunar eclipse?

Here’s a contradiction. It has been found that the physical changes that take 28 days during the full lunar cycle, happen within just three hours during a lunar eclipse. These out-of-the-ordinary changes impact the growth of bacteria in food, deteriorating its quality. Thus, it is advised not to partake food during a lunar eclipse, as its quality may get compromised.

Q5. Is travelling permitted during the lunar eclipse?

Ancients had advised against travelling during the duration of the eclipse. This may be because in ancient times depleted moonlight and absence of streetlights may have upped the risk factor for people travelling at night. Otherwise, this has absolutely no scientific or religious basis. Of course, in today’s fast paced world, people rescheduling meetings and other important engagements due to a lunar eclipse may come across as superstitious or ill informed.

Q6. Does a lunar eclipse produce profound psychological effects in people?

According to NASA, the science does not support this. The profound psychological effects seen in people, that invariably lead to physical effects, are due to the fear people harbour against eclipses, in general and lunar eclipse, in particular. The age-old belief that eclipses are bad omens has much to do in giving rise to such effects.

Q7. Lunar eclipse is known to affect animal behaviour. Is it true?

Since antiquity, it has been held that animals behave differently during a lunar eclipse. A study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Anthropology in 2010, found that owl monkey, a species of nocturnal monkeys, had a pronounced change in their activity pattern during the lunar eclipse. This actually had nothing to do with the Moon, but everything to do with the changed light levels during the passing of the Moon through the Earth’s shadow. Similar is the case with other animals who are seen to howl at the Moon or behave oddly during eclipse.

Q8. Is it true that a lunar eclipse accentuates mood swings, anxiety, depression, fatigue and the like?

Yes, it is true that a person may feel all these emotions during a lunar eclipse. However, lunar eclipse is not the culprit for these conditions. Moon is linked to creativity and provides success in creative endeavours. However, when this creative energy is not used and stifled, the depressing darkness accompanying the lunar eclipse may accentuate these negative emotions.

Q9. Why does a lunar eclipse makes it difficult to sleep?

It is not the lunar eclipse that affects one’s sleep patterns, but the anxiety associated with the occurrence of this celestial event. The brain is bombarded with all kinds of negative feeds about the adverse conditions that a lunar eclipse creates. Worrying about the consequences, which in a true sense are baseless, is what makes it difficult to sleep. Accepting this phenomenon as a natural event improves one’s sleep patterns.

Q10. Are there more incidents of hospitalisations during a lunar eclipse?

Strange as it may sound, it is true! According to an American study, the incidents of hospital admissions went up during lunar eclipses. These were due to various reasons, such as cardiovascular problems, acute coronary events, urinary retention, varicealhaemorrhage and the like, However, the correlation of these diseases with lunar eclipses has not been established.


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