The Good and Bad of the Longest Eclipse of Blood Moon Due on July 27

The longest lunar eclipse of the century is almost upon us. And it will be accompanied by blood Moon, where this heavenly body turns intense red. What will be the effect of this dual celestial event on the zodiac signs is interpreted by our celebrated resident astrologer, Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma.

ARIES the Ram

(Mar 21-Apr 20)

You are a natural born leader and the longest eclipse of the blood Moon will make you step into a powerful role. This event may affect your mind and leave you experiencing the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Your collaborative efforts get a boost. The key to your happiness and contentment is to cut ties with enemies posing as friends. 

TAURUS the Bull

(Apr 21-May 20)

You generally don’t believe in going against your nature and usually weigh every option carefully. The longest eclipse of the blood Moon may make you throw caution to the wind, make you do something against your nature and saddle you with frustrations and disappointments. Never let personal issues enter your professional arena. Steer clear of people who are downright insulting and abusive.

GEMINI the Twins

(May 21-Jun 21)

The longest eclipse of the blood Moon has something positive in store for you. You may become a beacon of light for your loved ones who are going through trying times. This is because this event imbues you with patience and decisiveness that enables you to handle any crisis. Rubbing people, the wrong way may result in immense pain and suffering.

CANCER the Crab

(Jun 22-Jul 22)

The energy of the blood Moon, undergoing the longest eclipse, will stir primordial instincts leading to infatuation and intimacy. If unmarried, this culminates into a happy ending for you and gets just returns for your efforts. If married and two-timing, this may become a ticking time bomb. When it will burst is unpredictable, but certain. Expect a favourable decision on a legal matter.

LEO the Lion

(Jul 23-Aug 23)

This lunar event of blood Moon undergoing the longest eclipse may dethrone you from the center of the universe, which you think is your birthright! But, this will only be because you are trying to cultivate your personal and professional relationships. This event may also curb your one-track self-serving mind into thinking of others. Happiness is yours if you keep your priorities straight.

VIRGO the Virgin

(Aug 24-Sep 23)

Your usual giving nature may get a wee bit tainted by a streak of selfishness under the influence of the longest eclipse of the blood Moon. This is because you are determined to resolve all your problems and worries. And for this, you need to give yourself top priority. The lunar event foretells sweeping lifestyle changes that bring moderation to the fore.

LIBRA the Scales

(Sep 24-Oct 23)

If you find yourself under intense pressure, the longest eclipse of the blood Moon is certainly not going to help! On the contrary, your current struggles and frustrations get accentuated and become a constant source of worry. Your salvation lies is self-realization. Try to gain an insight into your problems to resolve them, before they become a source of worry.

SCORPIO the Scorpion

(Oct 24-Nov 22)

Many other zodiac signs face the brunt of the longest lunar eclipse of the blood Moon, but not you. Despite taking some bad financial decisions that had made a mess of your financial situation, expect things to brighten up again monetarily. Curb your tendency to act rashly and impulsively, as the adverse consequences of your actions may cause disruptions in your life.


(Nov 23-Dec 21)

You are usually meticulous in completing projects in a timely manner, but the longest eclipse of the blood Moon may put hurdles in your smooth functioning. Not only will this event prevent you from accomplishing your objectives, it will also stem your creative juices. Thankfully, this is a transient phase and you bounce back to pick up your furious pace once again.


(Dec 22-Jan 21)

The longest eclipse of the blood Moon may result in a setback of sorts in monetary issues, professional matters and relationships. And your adamant nature is of no help at all! These matters can get from bad to worse, if timely corrective measures are not taken. This said, the lunar event also augurs a much-needed change, turning things into the right direction once again.

AQUARIUS the Water Bearer

(Jan 22-Feb 19)

If anguish, resentment, rage, loathing and suchlike emotions have torn your life asunder, don’t expect immediate relief. In fact, things may get intensified due to the longest eclipse of the blood Moon. Face up to it if you find your plight is not due to what you believe is somebody else’s fault. When things hit rock bottom, they rise again. Have patience.

PISCES the Fish

(Feb 20-Mar 20)

The longest eclipse of the blood Moon augurs well for you. Listen to your heart more than your head to keep on the right path. Steer clear of manipulating people who may rush you into making rash decisions that you may later regret. Troubles currently faced by you will slide into the background during this lunar event. You are set to grow financially strong.

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