What is the Hindu belief about the Navgrah?

Navgrah or the nine planets are the second to be offered the prayers after Sri Ganesh. As per Hindu belief the planets control human fate with their movements. They also control the horoscopes of people.

But it never suggests, the fate once cast for an individual can never be changed. It can be changed with positive actions and efforts. You can alter the movements of your stars with hard work and determination by recognizing your stars well.

The first planet is Surya, the Sun. According to Markandeypuran, Surya resembles Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh as it can create, protect and destroy. One should read or listen to Harivanshpuran, and wear ruby in a ring to please Surya. Wheat, jaggery, copper, gold and red fabric should be given in charity.

The second planet is Chandrama, the Moon. Mental and breathing problems can happen due to moon’s negative movement in one’s life. To please him one must fast on Mondays, pray to Shiva and wear a pearl in a silver ring. Rice, camphor, white clothes, silver, conch shell, white sandalwood, white flowers, sugar, curds and pearls should be given in charity.

The third planet is Mangal, the Mars. Mangal could be pleased by keeping fasts on Tuesdays and by offering prayers to Shiva or Hanuman. One should read the Hanuman Chalisa and must wear coral in a ring. Wheat, copper, gold, red clothes, jaggery, red flowers, saffron and land should be given in charity.

The fourth planet is Budh, the Mercury. Fasting should be kept on the first new moon day to please Budh. One should wear emerald in a ring. One should wear an emerald in a ring. Ivory, green clothes, coral, emerald, gold, camphor, a weapon, fruits and a variety of foods should be given in charity.

The fifth planet is Brihaspati, the Jupiter. Fasting must be kept on the first Thursdays of the month to please him. One should wear yellow topaz in a ring. Yellow clothes, gold, turmeric, ghee, yellow foods, topaz, horse, book, honey, salt, sugar, land and an umbrella can be given in charity.

The sixth planet is Shukra, the Venus. He is considered as the guru of the demons. Shukra is pleased by wearing diamonds and offering prayers to a cow. Silver, gold, diamonds, rice, ghee, curd, sugar, white clothes, white sandalwood, white horse, white cow and land needs to be given in charity.

The seventh planet is Shani, the Saturn. He acts as Brahma some times and can even turn to become Yama, the god of death. Chanting of the Mrituanjay mantra and offering sesame seeds, black peas, iron vessel, oil, black clothes, black umbrella, black shoes, black cow, sapphire and gold in charity, can please Shani.

The last two planets are Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is a demon who was killed by Vishnu when trying to steal amrit (nectar). He was killed with the Sudarshan Chakra, the head is known as Rahu, and the body as Ketu.

Mrutyunjaya mantra appeases Rahu and Ketu. Wearing amethyst in a ring can also help. Mica, iron, copperware, sesame seeds, blue clothes, black peas, seven -rains, oil, blanket and horses should be given in charity to please Rahu. Wearing cat’s eye, a precious grey-coloured stone, in a ring helps to please Ketu. Vaidurya (a gem), oil, sesame, a blanket, weapon, musk and blue flowers should be given in charity to please Ketu.

Your Questions answered…

If the destiny of a person is predetermined based on the position of the Navgrah, where is the use or need for personal effort?

 The position of the Navgrah determines the influences affecting individuals in specific situations.  However, man’s actions are definite forces that can transform any situation.


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