Why do Hindus offer prayers to Sri Ganesh before a special occasion?

Sri Ganeshaya Namah! Sri Ganesh, the most honored God ever in Hindu mythology is considered as the vighanharta. He is believed to solve all your huddles before you start a new thing, to bless you with wealth and prosperity. So, he is offered the prayer before every auspicious occasion. He is also known to be the master of Riddhi-Siddhi.

Before you start something special and new, you are supposed to chant  `Sri Ganeshaya Namah’ followed by the mantra:

It is obvious to pray the god of knowledge and discipline. Sri Ganesh blesses you to develop foresightedness and shows you the right path.

There are two stories behind this.

The Padanpurana narrates, after the establishment of the mankind, an obvious competition happened among all the Gods to become the most honored God. Brahmaji was chosen to declare the results. He requested all the Gods to have a competition of taking seven rounds around the world. Whoever completes the task first, he would be declared as the most revered God.

Sri Ganesh also took interest for the competition. But his mode of transport, the mouse held him back. He consulted Narad for a solution and he suggested him to write ‘Ram’ on the ground and revolve around it. After completing the task, Sri Ganesh first reported Brahma and explained about the completion of the task. As per him, he not only revolved around the world, but also the universe as Lord Sri Ram epitomizes all the supreme spirit in this universe. Brahmaji had no way out but to declare Sri Ganesh the most honorable God.

Another story teller in Shivpuran, describes about the doubt over the selection of the chief god amongst them. Lord Shankar proposed to have a competition to move around the world thrice and the winner will be considered as the leader.

Sri Ganesh’s mouse was not the swiftest to make him the winner, so he decided to revolve around his parents considering them the world. His brilliance, humbleness, wit made him the first among all.

Sri Ganesh loves modak or ladoos the most as an offering. No offerings can be completed without these sweets. There is also another story about Sri Ganesh which clearly suggests how he became the one to be offered the first prayer.

Once all the Gods gifted Mata Parvati with some modaks. She was unable to decide who to give those as both her sons, Ganesh and Kartikeya wanted it. But she found Ganesh more deserving seeing his integrity and respect towards his parents and blessed him with the boon to be prayed first on the auspicious occasions.

Think it over…

God’s intentions are codified and indicated in the great textbooks on dharma, which preach the higher values of life, that is, the ethical and moral rules of life. Live well. Live in kindness. love and understanding.

-Swami Chinmayananda





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