Why do Hindus specially revere Hanuman?

Hanuman is believed to be the ultimate devotee the world has ever seen. He was the greatest devotee of Shri Ram. He was the son of God Vayu or Wind and Anjana. He is the incarnation of Shiva and he was born with incredible powers to serve Ram. It was obvious from his childhood actions, when he went to eat the Sun thinking it a big red fruit hanging in the sky. Fearing the Sun’s security, Indra applied his Vajra on Hanuman, which left him unconscious with a broken jaw. An infuriated God vayu, took Hanuman in his lap and went to the Patal. It left all the living beings on the earth breathless due to lack of wind. Seeing the life dying, all Gods pleaded mercy before God Vayu and blessed his son with boons. Brahma and Indra blessed Hanuman to remain undefeated and immortal.

Hanuman was born to help Ram to achieve his objective of killing Ravan and other demons and make the earth sin free. When Sita was kidnapped, Hanuman played the pivotal role to trace her out in Lanka and helped Ram thoroughly to conquer Lanka and kill the mighty demon, Ravan. Hanuman’s another name is Sankatmochak – one who liberates from crisis. Nothing bad can happen if you pray him and recite the Hanuman Chalisa (40 verses).

Hanuman is worshipped all over the country and of course, he is found worshipped in every Ram temple. In Hanuman temples, the deity of Hanuman is smeared with vermilion or Sindur. There is a story about Hanuman wearing the vermilion on his whole body.

One Tuesday morning, Hanuman went to Sita to ask for some food and saw a round shaped red thing on her forehead. Being curious, he wanted to know about the thing. Sita explained it as vermilion and told him that it helps a woman’s fate by blessing her husband with a long life. So, this is worn by every married woman and it is considered serene. It also symbolizes her husband’s happiness.

An humble and simple Hanuman wondered if he could smear his whole body with vermilion, it might help his master remain immortal and happy forever. So, he covered his complete body with vermilion and went to the court. No one could help laughing seeing the new Hanuman. Ram understood Hanuman’s heart and declared, whoever prays Hanuman with oil and vermilion, their desires will be fulfilled. So, Hanuman is offered oil and vermilion mixed on Tuesdays.

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