Why do Hindus working with machinery revere Vishvakarma?

Vishvakarma is believed as the engineer among the gods. So, his blessings are sought before installing a new machinery or equipment. As per Hindu belief, it provides long life to the machineries and helps all work done in those to complete safely.

The name Vishvakarma suggests two words. Vishva means the world or universe, and karma denotes deed or action. When both the words are united, they mean the builder of the world or universe. He is the Son of Vasu Prabhas and Varastri, Vishvakarma was married to Ghritachi. They have three daughters and several sons. Two daughters were married to King Priyavrat, and the third, Sanghya was married to Surya. Vishvakarma reduced Surya’s radiance by one-eighth as his daughter was unable to bear the heat.

Vishvakarma created many weapons such as the Sudarshan Chakra, a trident for Shiva, and `Shakti‘ for Kartikeya from the power taken away from the Surya. He was also the creator of Ravan’s Pushpak vimaan. He has also built many other weapons and ornaments. He is believed to design Krishna’s abode and the whole kingdom in Dwarika. He had also built a beautiful castle for Kuber in Lanka. He has made the thunderbolt for Indra. He is believed to design a special steel chariot for Shiva. So, he is the acclaimed engineer by the Gods.

Vishvakarma’s son, Nala helped Ram build the bridge to cross the ocean at Rameswaram. His other sons specialized in carpentry, masonry, metals, artistic etching, minerals and other engineering fields. To this day the successors continue in these fields. Vishvakarma is a great craftsman and of course, he is a God. So, his blessings need to be taken before a machinery work is to be performed.

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