Vastu Architecture

An architecture that is Vaastu complaint, would promote an environment for a contented and healthy life.

The nine planets, the Panchmahabhutas, the Sun, the Moon, and the
Earth consistently govern the eight directions, namely East, North,
South, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest. The Table
1-1 lists the Vaastu chart, representing the eight directions that are
ruled by the different Gods and planets:


Directions God Planets Symbolizing Section of Architecture
East Indra Ravi (Sun) Lord of Lords Entrance (omen of good luck)
North Kuber Buddha (Mercury) Lord of Wealth Vault (money never finished)
North-East Dharma Guru (Jupiter) Morality Puja rooms (for worship and meditation)
South Yama Angaraka (Mars) Lord of Death Ghastly masks(to repel evils)
South-East Agni Shukra (Venus) Lord of Fire Kitchen (joyous housewife)
West Varun Shani (Saturn) Lord of Water Bathroom
North-West Vayu Chandra (Moon) Lord of Wind Bedroom (nobility and tranquility)
South-West Niruti Rahu (Dragon’s Dead) Lord of Demons Assets (avoids being stolen)